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  • How to Make Whole Brined Pears

    Whole brined pears are spicy, crisp, and delicious! They make the perfect addition to your holiday meal. Or keep a few jars in the fridge for handy snacking. If you want to know how to make whole brined pears, keep reading.
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  • Old-time Country Store Pickle Barrel Pickles

    Growing up, my grandparents lived in the high desert in California, an area full of old-time country stores that somehow survived since the gold rush. We’d always stop into the Onyx store in Kern County California so that each of us kids could oggle the arrowheads and our parents could peruse the antiques. My favorite part was the utterly gigantic pickle barrel pickles, that as a child I had to use two hands to hold. Keep reading to learn to make your own.
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  • An Amazing Fermented Israeli Salad Recipe

    In the heat of summer, one wants a cool refreshing salad to serve with a sandwich meal. This fermented Israeli salad recipe is just the ticket. Make up several jars to have on hand for when you just cannot cook or are on the run all day and need a quick meal.
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  • Fermented Strawberry Preserves

    One summer, as my family emptied jam jars as fast as I filled them, (and I used pints, mind you) I wondered, can I put jam in quarts? I never found out because then my kids started growing up and moving out and I didn't have the need. I also never knew you could ferment jam! I'm seriously trying this recipe, but I'm not considering quarts, anymore.
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  • 3 Fermented Cherry Tomato Bomb Recipes from around the World

    If you have kids that eat the cherry tomatoes off the vine before you can even get them picked, maybe you don't have an abundance to ferment. But if you do, making fermented cherry tomato bombs are another way everyone will enjoy them. Read on for three of Ashley's amazing recipes.
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  • Make Delicious Homemade Kimchi

    Kimchi sounds so exotic, doesn't it? I never dreamed I could make it at home. But in this post, Monica convinces me that I can. If you love food with a kick, try this kimchi recipe. It's fast, easy, and delicious.
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  • How to Make Granita

    One of my favorite activities to do with a small child is to make ice cream in a zip lock bag. It's a great hands-on activity, active enough to keep them busy, and produces a delicious outcome. Now, I can add granita to my activity list. While not requiring the shake, shake, shaking that ice cream does, the waiting time with granita can be occupied by reading a good book.
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  • How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

    Good golly, Miss Molly! Fruit flies love ferments--and the fresh produce that we keep around to create our delicious ferments. Are they as bad at your place as they are at mine? Well, keep reading. Michelle will tell you how to beat them at their own game!
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  • Whole Wheat Brownie Sourdough Bread

    "Why waste calories on something that's not chocolate" has always been my motto. A close second is warm bread, fresh from the oven. Well, this recipe does it all. What could be more delicious than sourdough bread combined with brownie. Read on and see if you don't agree.
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