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Ways to Serve Ferments

  • Six Amazing Fermented Foods for the Lunchbox

    We all love eating homemade fermented goodies. Why not pack them in your child’s school lunchbox? Let’s face it; the school cafeteria doesn’t always serve the healthiest options and the routine cold lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple gets boring. So, here is a list of fermented foods that are both kid friendly and healthy to ensure your children consume highly beneficial probiotics to fuel them through their day.
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  • Marinating Meat with Ferments

    Sometimes I'm amazed at the flavor of food someone else has cooked. I'm convinced the difference is in the little things—the secret touches that they don't think twice about. Like marinating meat. Just this one simple step takes an otherwise unpalatable piece of meat and makes it tender and succulent. And by diverting your attention from the usual oil and vinegar mixture, you create flavors you never imagined.
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  • Orange Spiced Fermented Blueberries! You are going to LOVE this recipe for Orange Spiced Fermented Blueberries. Smash them up into a jam, and spread on raisin toast for breakfast or afternoon tea. It will put a smile on your face!
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  • Fermented food scraps

    Who isn't trying to save money on groceries these days? I know I am. And when a post like this comes along, I want to read it. Because if you can save money fermenting food scraps, and reap health benefits at the same time, that's a win-win in my book.
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  • 10 Ways to Use Extra SCOBYs

    I needed this post. I have thrown out more SCOBYs than I care to count. Then, I end up begging the neighbor for fresh ones. In this post, Chris shares with you ways to use extra SCOBYs.
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  • Spicy Fermented Eggs

    Having a backyard flock of chickens is all the rage. In fact, many municipalities have changed their zoning restrictions, due to increased demands by homeowners wanting to keep a few hens. If you have an abundance of eggs staring you in the face, try Mary's Spicy Fermented Eggs recipe. It is sure to ple
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  • Fermented Food for Dogs and Cats

    I have a 7-pound pooch that spends more time in my lap than any pet I've ever had. Making homemade food for him, rather than relying on Purina, has been a joy. He loves rice, turkey, eggs and even fruits and vegetables. I even give him yogurt. In "Fermented Food for Dogs and Cats," Chris explains why your four-footed friends need a healthy gut just as much as you do.
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  • Fermented Salt Cured Egg Yolks

    If you keep chickens, you probably have periods that you feel overrun with eggs and wish that there were some way to easily preserve them. Now there is. However, fermented salt cured egg yolks are not a substitute for fresh eggs. They are a completely new food you will want to try after reading this post.
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  • 16 Fermented Foods for Back to School

    Do you have kids going back to school right about now? This post is chock full of ideas for foods you can add to that lunchbox that will bring variety and added nutrition to your child's day.
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  • Easy Fermented Foods for Cookouts


    No need to spend hours searching the internet for easy fermented foods for cookouts. Ashley has rounded up over 40 recipes for you in this post. With everything from condiments to beverages, you can add fermented foods to your backyard barbecue with little effort.


    Posted by Ashley


    The heat of summer is a great time to enjoy fermented foods. The natural effervescence and tang of healthy, home-fermented live foods make a great addition to any cookout. Your ferments can go beyond the standard fare of lacto-fermented pickles and sauerkraut to include ferments throughout the meal. Try these great ideas for incorporating more ferments into your summer:


    Fermented Condiments


    Even if you’re sticking with the standard burgers and hot dogs of a quick back yard barbecue, there’s no reason you can't incorporate fermented condiments into the mix to up the flavor and nutrition of your meal, without the additives and sugar of store bought condiments. Try homemade lacto-fermented mustardpro-biotic fermented ketchuphealthy pro biotic mayonnaisefermented Russian dressing or probiotic horseradish sauce.


    It’s easy to make your own living salad dressing starting with homemade sour creamcrème friache and apple cider vinegar. Don’t forget a dollop of that delicious homemade sour cream and some fermented garlic scapes in your picnic potato salad.


    For those a bit more adventurous, think outside the box with probiotic fig butter on homemade sourdough rolls.


    Fermented Foods for Cookouts |


    Fermented Side Dishes


    When you’re ready to expand your cookout beyond burgers and hot dogs, side dishes are the next logical step. Lucky for your digestive tract that side dishes are one of the easiest way to incorporate fermented foods into your summer picnic.


    You can start with a basic fermented coleslaw or beet salad, or try a cooling fermented gazpacho. Pickles are an obvious choice, and there’s many different variations to choose from, including spicy pickles or garlic ginger pickles.


    Simple fermented vegetables can take a veggie platter up a notch. Try any of these: garlicbell peppersgrape tomatoesonionsradishesceleriaccelerygreen beans or carrots.


    Salsa is another great place to incorporate ferments into your meal, and the variations are endless. Try either this green tomato salsa or red tomato salsa for a sure crowd pleaser.


    If you’re looking to expand your options beyond typical cookout side dishes, fermented green tomato olives are a local homemade substitute for regular canned olives, and kimchi-filled steamed buns are easy to make ahead and will add a multi-cultural air to an otherwise average cookout.

    It’s hard to go wrong with kimchi and sauerkraut, but why limit yourself to the old standby versions? Why not branch out and make sauerkraut from chineese cabbage or add apples and onions for a sweeter version? Kimchi can take other forms as well, including brussel sprout kimchi or a no salt version for those with sodium issues. If you’re looking for something with a different spice profile, there’s always curtido, which is the South American adaptation of a fermented cabbage dish.


    Fermented Beverages


    Most of our minds go right to beer when you mention a fermented beverage. The problem is, commercial beer is almost always filtered and pasteurized, making it a dead food rather than a live probiotic. If you’re looking for beer, try “bottle conditioned” or “unfiltered” versions, which are cloudy as a result of the natural live yeast present within.


    Better yet, there’s many options for making your own fermented beverages. Meads are easy to make with just a bit of honey and yeast, and by adding different flavorings they can take on just about any character. Very berry mead or dandelion mead are good places to start.


    For the kids or people looking for a non-alcoholic version, water kefir based sodas add the fizz and probiotics without being intoxicating. Try fermented lemonadehomemade grape soda or natural ginger ale.


    This list is a great place to get you started thinking about incorporating ferments into your summer cookout cooking, but it’s by no means everything. How do you incorporate ferments into your summer meals? Leave your ideas in the comments below.


    What a treasure trove of ideas and recipes for your summer fermenting. And with the right tools found in the Fermentools store, you are set to go. Check it out today.


    Ashley is an off grid homesteader in central Vermont. She is passionate about fermentation, charcuterie and foraging. Read more about her adventures at
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