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Fermentools Blog

  • Eating Seasonal Produce

    Nothing tempts my taste buds more than a salad from freshly-picked greens and cucumbers straight from the vine. Or, a butternut squash loaded with butter, fresh from the oven. Reasons abound for eating seasonal produce. Read on for not just the why's, but also how to give it an extra punch with fermentation.
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  • A Basic Sauerkraut Recipe

    Many years ago, a woman at my church told me I could make sauerkraut in jars. That was a new idea and I was intrigued by it. I love sauerkraut, and I thought I couldn't make it at home because I didn't have a cellar. But every attempt to make it turned out bad. It wasn't until I discovered Fermentools, and the instructions here, that I successfully created my first batch of lacto-fermented sauerkraut. If you want just a basic sauerkraut recipe, here it is--done the right way.
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  • Is Lacto-Fermentation Safe?

    I remember the first time I made sauerkraut. No one told me the importance of keeping the cabbage under the level of the brine. Nor did they share the importance of ambient temperature. Consequently, I ended up with a mess. In fact, I ended up with a mess after several attempts. Then, after discovering Fermentools, I learned the proper way to make sauerkraut. But the fears caused by my prior failed attempts were real. In this post, Michelle discusses those fears and helps you to see why they are unfounded.
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  • How to Make Sourdough Naan

    Have you ever tasted the samples at Costco? Most of the times, I have great resolve. But occasionally, I'm lured in to purchase something not on my list. Such was the case with the naan. After trying it, we were hooked. But, as Michelle brings out in this post, it was not the healthiest option. I cannot wait to try her recipe for whole wheat, sourdough naan with yogurt. It has to be even better than the Costco variety.
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  • How to Make Sourdough Starter

    Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Well, if you were ever going to do something yourself, making your own sourdough starter is the thing to try. Saving you money and headaches are just two of the reasons. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you single-handedly started your own colony of organisms whose sole purpose is to make your bread healthier and more delicious. Now get going.
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  • 10 Ways to Use Extra SCOBYs

    I needed this post. I have thrown out more SCOBYs than I care to count. Then, I end up begging the neighbor for fresh ones. In this post, Chris shares with you ways to use extra SCOBYs.
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  • Whole Wheat Brownie Sourdough Bread

    "Why waste calories on something that's not chocolate" has always been my motto. A close second is warm bread, fresh from the oven. Well, this recipe does it all. What could be more delicious than sourdough bread combined with brownie. Read on and see if you don't agree.
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  • Kefir Helps Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    If you haven't tried kefir, now is the time to do it. Not only do you get the benefits of it being loaded with probiotics, here Andrew explains that kefir benefits fatty liver disease.
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  • Lacto-Fermentation versus Canning and Pickling

    There are a varied number of ways to preserve food. Canning, freezing and drying are just a few. Fermentation is another way. In this post Mary discusses the pro's and con's of different ways of food preservation so that you can make an educated decision.
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  • How to Make Harissa Chili Sauce

    Are you a connoisseur of hot sauce? If so, this is the recipe for you to try. Ashley has done an amazing job of not only re-creating a traditional recipe, but making it healthier, too.
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