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Fermentools Blog

  • A Mouth-Watering Sourdough Bannock Bread Recipe

    To me, the fall season is not complete without some sort of fire. Good conversation, flannel, toasty-warm drinks contrasting with a cold snap in the air, and a crackling orange glow over it all? What could be better? Certainly, this mouth-watering pumpkin spice sourdough bannock bread would make it a bonfire to remember.
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  • Warm Spiced Zucchini Pickles

    Personally, I don't think you can have too many pickles. Though dill pickles are my favorite, I can also appreciate a great bread and butter and a sweet baby gherkin. But pickles don't have to be made only from cucumbers either. Zucchini makes great pickles. If you've had trouble making pickles from zucchini, Ashley has a secret in this post for warm spiced zucchini pickles. She also tells how she came to change up her recipe a bit, and love it just as well.
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  • How to Safely Store Fermented Foods

    Nothing is more frustrating than putting up a supply of food for the winter and having it go bad. Whether the lids are popping off your canned goods, or mold is growing on your ferments, having to throw out food is a big disappointment for anyone. Keep reading for some great tips on how to safely store fermented foods and you may find yourself throwing away less this year.
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  • How to Make Whole Brined Pears

    Whole brined pears are spicy, crisp, and delicious! They make the perfect addition to your holiday meal. Or keep a few jars in the fridge for handy snacking. If you want to know how to make whole brined pears, keep reading.
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  • How Does Lactic Acid Fermentation Work?

    Some folks are foodies. They love to cook and eat food from all over the world, often using rare and exotic ingredients. Other folks are food nerds. These folks want to know all the why's and wherefore's of cooking. What makes milk turn into cheese? How does beating cream make a meringue? And, pertinent to this post, how does lactic acid fermentation work? If you're one of those food nerds and get high on science, this post is for you.
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  • Fermenting with Pumpkin

    Folks go crazy in the fall for pumpkin spice. Everything from latte's to candles to Twinkies are flavored or scented to resemble a pumpkin pie. At Fermentools we want you to enjoy the fall pumpkin season, but we want you do enjoy it with healthy foods. In this post, Ashley shares several ways of fermenting with pumpkins that will surely inspire you.
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  • Naturally Fermented Spiced Beets for Fall

    My husband loves pickled beets. But the kind he grew up with came from the grocer, complete with vinegar, sugar, preservatives, and more. If you are trying to replace store-bought with healthier alternatives, try this recipe for lacto fermented beets. It will make your day.
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  • How to Make Chai Flavored Kombucha

    Personally, I think pumpkin flavoring is over-rated. But chai? Never. And to combine chai with kombucha is just pure genius. What can I say? Michelle has done it again. Try this recipe for chai flavored kombucha and let us know if you don't agree!
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  • What is Modified Food Starch?

    To continue our series on food additives to avoid, Andrew continues with a look at modified food starch. "What is modified food starch?" you may ask. For a thorough explanation on what it is, and why you might not want it in your daily diet, keep reading.
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  • Old-time Country Store Pickle Barrel Pickles

    Growing up, my grandparents lived in the high desert in California, an area full of old-time country stores that somehow survived since the gold rush. We’d always stop into the Onyx store in Kern County California so that each of us kids could oggle the arrowheads and our parents could peruse the antiques. My favorite part was the utterly gigantic pickle barrel pickles, that as a child I had to use two hands to hold. Keep reading to learn to make your own.
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