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Air Lock

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The 3 piece air lock was selected for ease of use, and more importantly, ease of cleaning. It is easily dis-assembled and cleaned. It is also easy to fill with water or glycerin. If needed, this can be replaced at a local home-brew store, or purchased from us.
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    Three-piece Airlock


    The three-piece fermentation airlock is the only product not made in the USA; it is imported from Canada. There is a competing, single-piece, "S" shaped airlock on the market. It will work just as well as the three-piece airlock, and will also fit the #2 stopper.  You may use these "S" shaped airlocks for a replacement if that is all your local home brewing store has in stock.  I chose the three-piece fermentation airlock because lid comes off and the float inside is easily removed for cleaning.  I have owned some of these for 15 years, and other than dis-coloring, they are as good as new.  They can be used with either water or glycerin for long tem use, I have only used water in mine.