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Beet Kvass Recipie

 To the right is a 1/2 gallon batch of beet kvass made during the summer when beets were cheap.  As you can see, I used a LOT more than needed.  To the left is the tea bag I stuffed fill of grated ginger.  On top of it all are 3 weights to hold it all down, 2 weights would have worked but I was on a roll





Flash back to childhood

I remember as a child, being taken to the beach with my older brothers and sisters. They would take me out farther than a small child would normally go on his own. Then letting me loose and being pummeled by the waves, I would inevitably ingest large quantities of sea water. You never forget the taste after repeated actions.


Back to the present

Stumbling across a recipe for Beet Kvass, I knew I wanted to try it. I blindly followed directions and let it ferment for 1 week. YUK, it tasted like the sea water I was forced to ingest a a kid. I looked at other recipes on the web, they used a bit less salt, and let it ferment for 3 weeks. YUK AGAIN, more sea water. I looked at all the other recipes I found on the web, and they all used massive amounts of salt. Sea water is 3% to 4%, all these recipes were 2% to 3%, and they were all un-palatable. I came to the conclusion that one person wrote the recipe, and everybody else simply copied it, and re-wrote it to make it there own without ever tasting it.


Fortunately I found Zukay, I don't remember how I stumbled across this company, but the concept of Beet Kvass was appealing enough for me to spend $30 at this store to try it a few bottles. I am glad I did, the Kvass is as good as I imagined it could be, and they used a fraction of the salt all the web based recipes suggest. 


Special note, this is for determined ferment enthusiast!

The product I purchased had a note suggesting it be refrigerated. After I opened the bottles, they all had mold growing on the top. This was removed, and since I was determined to do this, I tried it. WOW, this stuff is great. I especially like it with ginger and a little stevia.


Basic recipe

About 2 cups of chopped beets. I slice it about 1/8 inch thick and don’t bother peeling them. I usually use quite a bit more than that since I like a strong beet taste.


About ¼ cup of course grated ginger. I put it in a tea bag just to keep it together. 


Enough weights to keep it all submerged. I use 2 to 3 of my own weights in a ½ gallon container.


2 grams of salt per ½ gallon. That is about ½ teaspoon of Ancient Himalayan salt. Zukay uses about 1.8 grams per ½ gallon, I found my measurements to be fine.



The same basic recipe can also be used with kale, carrot and other varieties that are fantastic. However I have not made them yet so I will not make any other comments about making them, but it looks pretty simple.