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  • What Foods Can I Ferment?

    I have learned much about fermenting foods since I started a few years ago. In fact, there are foods, you probably eat regularly, that I didn't even know were fermented—like chocolate! Who knew? Read this post for a great discussion on what types of foods you can ferment safely.
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  • Can You Ferment Food in Cold Weather?

    Why, oh why is my sauerkraut not fermenting already? What on earth is the holdup? I gazed in frustration at my beautiful purple sauerkraut sitting on my counter, barely bubbling after a whole week! But wait! It’s Fall here, and it’s a bit chilly in my house. Could the cooler temperatures be at the root of my slow fermentation problem?
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  • What Went Wrong with My Pickled Peppers?

    I can't imagine an Italian sub sandwich without pickled banana peppers. And they are a must on an antipasto salad or relish tray. But when your pickled peppers don't turn out quite like you imagined, it's time to play detective. Keep reading to find out what happened to Michelle's pickled peppers.
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  • How to Ferment without Whey or Starter

    Ever need to adjust a recipe for your needs? Maybe cut it in half, or substitute an ingredient that you are missing? Some folks advocate that you have whey, or a starter culture, to ferment foods. Guess what? Not so. Read on for Sarah's great explanation on how to ferment without whey or starter.
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  • Teaching Children about Fermentation

    Have a picky eater? I've had a few. In fact, I was one myself as a child. If you have trouble getting your wee ones on board with fermented foods, try a little education. Teaching children about fermentation is fun and provides some important parent/child time that you may not get otherwise.
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  • Should I Avoid Artificial Food Coloring?

    My son was kicked out of Sunday School. Shocking, I know. His behavoir was so bizarre the teacher told me, "I don't know what to do with him." And she only had him for one hour each week! Turns out, my little boy had a sensitivity to food coloring. Once we discovered the problem, and eliminated it from our home and his diet, he was a new person. So, when you ask yourself, "Should I avoid artificial food coloring?" answer with a resounding, "Yes!" Keep reading and Andrew will tell you why.
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  • What is the difference between soaked, sprouted, and sour grains?

    Personally, I still eat bread. Although I'm not a big consumer of it, I love a loaf of fresh bread, warm from the oven, with a slab of cheddar on top. If, after all the anti-grain talk that goes around, you still want to consume grains, this post will help you to understand the difference between soaked, sprouted, and sour grains.
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  • Should I Avoid Eating MSG on a Regular Basis?

    To continue our series on food additives, Andrew covers everything you probably didn't want to know about monosodium glutamate—also known as MSG—including what it is, where it is found, and why you should avoid it.
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  • Should We Worry About Food Additives?

    Do you read labels? I do, even though some of my friends scoff. They say we're all going to die anyway. I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of poor health. So, I read labels and look for those food additives science tells me to avoid. Read on and I'll wager that Michelle convinces you to do the same.
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  • Why Do Micro Organisms Ferment Our Food?

    My boys always wanted to know how things work. Some folks are like that, even as adults. If you want to know the how's and why's of all the workings behind fermentation, Andrew is the guy to follow. In this post, he will explain why micro organisms ferment our food.
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