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Health Benefits

  • How to Use Fermented Herbs in Recipes

    I have experimented with a number of fermentations--sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha and all manor of vegetables. But never have a I tried fermented herbs. If this idea intrigues me as much as you, keep reading for Mary's simple Fermented Basil recipe.
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  • 6 Ways to Restore Healthy Gut Flora

    I have successfully treated my family with herbs, rather than pharmaceuticals, for many years. However, there are those occasional times when we just felt antibiotics were called for. That is when we get serious with our fermented foods. If you need to restore healthy gut flora, read on for six ways fermented foods can help.
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  • Kefir Helps Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

    If you haven't tried kefir, now is the time to do it. Not only do you get the benefits of it being loaded with probiotics, here Andrew explains that kefir benefits fatty liver disease.
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  • Lacto-Fermentation versus Canning and Pickling

    There are a varied number of ways to preserve food. Canning, freezing and drying are just a few. Fermentation is another way. In this post Mary discusses the pro's and con's of different ways of food preservation so that you can make an educated decision.
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  • Fermented Food for Dogs and Cats

    I have a 7-pound pooch that spends more time in my lap than any pet I've ever had. Making homemade food for him, rather than relying on Purina, has been a joy. He loves rice, turkey, eggs and even fruits and vegetables. I even give him yogurt. In "Fermented Food for Dogs and Cats," Chris explains why your four-footed friends need a healthy gut just as much as you do.
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  • Improved Health with Fermented Foods

    I quit making New Year's Resolutions a long time ago. But I still frequently "start over" with certain areas of my life. One such area is my diet and other health habits. If this describes you as well, read on for some helpful information.
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  • Health Benefits of Colorful Ferments

    While reading this post it occurred to me that the compounds in almost every color of fruit or vegetable is shown to prevent cancer. Could it then be true that if folks just replaced the processed foods in their diets with fresh fruits and vegetables of all the colors, they are one step closer to preventing cancer for themselves? Something to ponder.
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  • How to Make Beet Kvass

    Beet Kvass is a traditional Ukrainian beverage that is blood building, rich in probiotics and supportive of normal digestive and liver function.  I first learned about beet kvass in Nourishing Traditions, where Sally Fallon recommends a four-ounce glass of beet kvass morning and evening as a tonic.
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  • Fermented Elderberry Oxymel

    I have been picking wild elderberries and making elderberry syrup for our family for years. Proven to combat the influenza, this all-natural powerhouse of antioxidants is a staple in my medicine chest. Read more for instructions that will take your elderberry syrup up a notch.
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  • 4 Ways to Ferment Vegetables without Salt

    Many people on low-salt or salt-free diets avoid fermented vegetables due to the high salt content. They miss out on the helpful probiotics available in fermented vegetables. Is that really necessary? Does the salt in fermented foods adversely affect a person with high blood pressure or heart disease? Read on as Chris discussions this important issue.
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