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  • Scrumptious Blintzes for Brunch

    If you are not familiar with the world of flat breads, a blintz is a thin, rolled pancake filled with either cheese or fruit and then fried or baked. Not to be confused with pancakes, which are thick and fluffy, or crepes, which are not necessarily filled and are larger, blintzes are wonderful for breakfast or afternoon tea.
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  • A Sourdough Kefir Waffle Recipe

    I never had waffles as a child. In fact, I never fed them to my kids until the oldest was a teen. It just never occured to me the need to buy a waffle iron until we stayed in a hotel on vacation. After that, my kids were excited to open a waffle iron on Christmas. Now, I'm excited to try Michelle's Sourdough Kefir Waffle recipe, you can never have too many variations when it comes to waffles.
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  • Sourdough Belgian Waffles

    I was an adult on vacation before experiencing Belgian waffles for the first time. I promptly came home and ordered a waffle iron so that my children didn't have to wait so long to enjoy such goodness. This recipe will convince you to add Belgian waffles to your regular menu.
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