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  • How to Make Lacto-Fermented Tomato Sauce

    Lacto-fermented tomato sauce is a sneaky-good way to get your kids to eat fermented foods, and an awesome way to incorporate more beneficial bacteria into your life. If your children are anything like mine, they love anything having to do with tomato sauce and noodles, and they will happily dig into this lacto-fermented tomato sauce any day of the week.
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  • How to Make Fermented Green Tomato Salsa

    Want to add some probiotic punch to Mexican night? Give fermented green tomato salsa a try! This recipe is a simple and delicious way to use your extra veggies. (Bonus points if you use up old green tomatoes sitting in storage from your last garden harvest.)
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  • Fermented Hot Sauce Recipe

    Hot sauce, like Tabasco sauce, Sriracha sauce, and hot chili sauce get their heat from hot chili peppers and their flavors from the fruitiness of the peppers, from garlic, and from sugar.  This hot sauce recipe is basic without the added ingredients you’d find in a store-bought hot sauce.
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