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  • Traveling with Fermented Foods

    Planning a summer vacation but cannot picture yourself without your favorite kombucha or sauerkraut for those roasted hot dogs? In this post Abigail gives you the low-down on traveling with fermented foods.
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  • Is Lacto-Fermentation Safe for You?

    I remember the first time I made sauerkraut. No one told me the importance of keeping the cabbage under the level of the brine. Nor did they share the importance of ambient temperature. Consequently, I ended up with a mess. In fact, I ended up with a mess after several attempts. Then, after discovering Fermentools, I learned the proper way to make sauerkraut. But the fears caused by my prior failed attempts were real. In this post, Michelle discusses those fears and helps you to see why they are unfounded.
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  • Lacto-Fermentation versus Canning and Pickling

    There are a varied number of ways to preserve food. Canning, freezing and drying are just a few. Fermentation is another way. In this post Mary discusses the pro's and con's of different ways of food preservation so that you can make an educated decision.
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  • How to Adapt Recipes for One

    One of the greatest frustrations my widowed mother faced in the kitchen was cooking for just one person. After raising a large family, she was accustomed to cooking in quantity. She was not alone. Young single people also need to adapt recipes written for the typical household of four to six. Here, Sarah gives some great tips to help with this dilemma.
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  • Healthy Sourdough Starter

    Ever take a ferment, of any kind, out of the fridge and smell a kind of funk? Or taken a sip or taste and wondered what went wrong? If you are unsure if your sourdough starter is safe, this is the post for you. Abigail gives you all the things to look for to determine if you have a healthy sourdough starter.
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  • Mold or Yeast, How to Tell the Difference

    I have six quarts of pickles in my fridge. They are the first pickles I have ever made that are as crisp as store-bought. And the flavor, well, they're delicious. But every time my son opens the fridge, he says, "Mom, you have mold on your pickles!" Well, do I? Let's read Kristi's post to find out.
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  • Is Raw Fermented Meat Safe to Eat?

    I remember my home ec teacher, as well as my mom, driving home the point of well-cooked meat. So much so, that today, I have trouble looking at a rare hamburger or steak. Then, I started reading about traditional foods and how some cultures actually eat raw meat. If this topic has your head spinning, too, keep reading. Ashley will answer the question, "Is raw fermented meat safe to eat?"
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  • 4 Ways to Ferment Vegetables without Salt

    Many people on low-salt or salt-free diets avoid fermented vegetables due to the high salt content. They miss out on the helpful probiotics available in fermented vegetables. Is that really necessary? Does the salt in fermented foods adversely affect a person with high blood pressure or heart disease? Read on as Chris discussions this important issue.
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  • Pickling versus Fermenting

    When I was in high school I frequently rode the bus home with my best friend after school. After we did her chores, we would get a jar of her mom’s pickles out of the pantry, a big slab of cheddar out of the fridge, and a box of crackers. We would take our snack to the living room and devour it while watching General Hospital on television.
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  • How to Ferment in Hot Weather

    If our grandparents stored their ferments down cellar and we store ours in the refrigerator, then how in the world do you have a successful ferment when it's 90-degrees in your kitchen? That is the question raised in this post.
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