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Tools to Use

  • Fermenting Weights--A Comparison

    I saw a friend use a water-filled plastic baggy as a weight in her ferment. I was concerned. I mean, what if the baggy leaked? Or, worse yet, plastic from the baggy leached into her ferment? Sarah addresses this very topic in this post. For more fermenting weights comparison, keep reading.
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  • Equipment for Fermenting Vegetables

    Having the proper equipment for fermenting vegetables is critical to success. Why? Because you need to keep your food submerged below the level of the liquid. The first time I tried to make sauerkraut, I didn’t know that. Fail. After I learned this truth, I tried to make fermented pickles. Keeping the cucumbers under the brine level...
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  • Why Use an Airlock for Fermenting Vegetables?

    The process of fermenting food is not a new technique when it comes to food preservation. Evidence indicates that early civilizations, such as the ancient Romans and various Asian cultures, have been fermenting food for thousands of years. Be it beer or bread, cheese or wine, around the world the process of fermenting is old as time.
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  • The Ultimate Gift Guide for Ferment Lovers

    Do you have that person on your holiday gift list that has everything? Maybe they could use something to encourage their interest in fermenting foods. Or, if they are already a ferment lover, they could always use more supplies or books on the subject. In this ultimate gift guide for ferment lovers, Kristi has compiled a list of everything from tools to books to ingredients. I'm sure you will find something here for your hard-to-buy-for loved one.
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  • A Brine Salt Calculator

    Ever come across a delicious-sounding recipe that you want to try but you're not sure how to make it because it calls for 3% brine and you don't know how to create 3% brine? Well, this post is for you. Kristi has taken all the mystery out of the equation by providing charts and step-by-step instructions. Read on for help.
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