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  • Fermenting with Pumpkin

    Folks go crazy in the fall for pumpkin spice. Everything from latte's to candles to Twinkies are flavored or scented to resemble a pumpkin pie. At Fermentools we want you to enjoy the fall pumpkin season, but we want you do enjoy it with healthy foods. In this post, Ashley shares several ways of fermenting with pumpkins that will surely inspire you.
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  • Naturally Fermented Spiced Beets for Fall

    My husband loves pickled beets. But the kind he grew up with came from the grocer, complete with vinegar, sugar, preservatives, and more. If you are trying to replace store-bought with healthier alternatives, try this recipe for lacto fermented beets. It will make your day.
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  • How to Make Chai Flavored Kombucha

    Personally, I think pumpkin flavoring is over-rated. But chai? Never. And to combine chai with kombucha is just pure genius. What can I say? Michelle has done it again. Try this recipe for chai flavored kombucha and let us know if you don't agree!
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  • What is Modified Food Starch?

    To continue our series on food additives to avoid, Andrew continues with a look at modified food starch. "What is modified food starch?" you may ask. For a thorough explanation on what it is, and why you might not want it in your daily diet, keep reading.
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  • Old-time Country Store Pickle Barrel Pickles

    Growing up, my grandparents lived in the high desert in California, an area full of old-time country stores that somehow survived since the gold rush. We’d always stop into the Onyx store in Kern County California so that each of us kids could oggle the arrowheads and our parents could peruse the antiques. My favorite part was the utterly gigantic pickle barrel pickles, that as a child I had to use two hands to hold. Keep reading to learn to make your own.
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  • Quick Probiotic Banana Pudding Cups for Back to School

    As a parent, finding healthful snacks for your children is always a big challenge. Don't succumb to feeding them sugary treats full of food coloring and other additives. Try this delicious recipe for banana pudding and it will spark your imagination for other things to try.
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  • Simple Lacto Fermented Guacamole Cups for Back to School! I LOVE guacamole. If you do, too, this recipe will absolutely make your favorites list. Filling, nutritious, and delicious, make this lacto fermented guacamole the best for your or your child's lunchbox.
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  • Fermented Dilly Beans for Lunchbox Treats

    At Fermentools, we take our pickles seriously. Have you tried our recipe for Kosher Dill Pickle? Or maybe our Quick and Easy Garlic Ginger Pickle? No matter what the recipe, though, you will want to read Five Tips for Lacto-fermented Crunchy Pickles. And for the best in fermented goodness, keep reading for Ashley's great fermented dilly beans.
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  • What Went Wrong with My Pickled Peppers?

    I can't imagine an Italian sub sandwich without pickled banana peppers. And they are a must on an antipasto salad or relish tray. But when your pickled peppers don't turn out quite like you imagined, it's time to play detective. Keep reading to find out what happened to Michelle's pickled peppers.
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  • How to Make Fermented Corn on the Cob

    I live across a dirt road from corn fields. Hidden among the acres of feed corn (corn grown to sell at market for animal feed or ethanol gas) the farmer hides his sweet corn. You can tell where it is when you drive down the hill because the rows are in a different pattern. Every July he lets me go in and pick all I want for a reduced price. Our family looks forward to that corn all summer long. "Is Donnie's corn ready?" is a question asked every night at supper—it is that good. But to ferment it? The thought never occurred to me. Now, I'm going to have to give it a try.
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