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The Best Starter Kit Available

Unsure fermenting is for you? Don’t buy an expensive fermenting crock. With this kit you can turn any sized Mason jar—from ½ pint to ½ gallon—into a fermentation vessel.


The Fermentools Starter Kit includes:


· Stainless Steel Lid—Made from 304 stainless, also known as food-trade or surgical steel, the corrosion-resistant lid will last a lifetime. 

· Glass Weight—Made to fit inside your standard wide-mouthed Mason jar perfectly.
· Air Lock
· Rubber Stoppers
· Gasket
· Himalayan Powdered Salt

The Stainless Steel Lid and the Glass Weight are the most expensive components of the Fermentools kits. Since they are made to last a lifetime, I confidently claim that Fermentools is the best kit available. The only downside to the Starter Kit is that you can only make one jar at a time.


$ 21.49

Starter Kit








The Single Kit

The Single Kit, while the least expensive, still has the best components of any fermentation kit on the market. In fact, it includes everything from the Starter Kit except the salt.  When it comes to your fermentation supplies, this is the minimum you need to have on hand.  If you are new to fermenting, get the Starter Kit. Having the Himalayan Powder Salt will help you get started on the right foot—not only with great salt, but with a handy conversion chart on the label.


$ 14.95

Single Kit







The 6-Pack Kit—Adds Versatility and Value

A single fermentation crock costs more than this six-pack, and restricts the size of your batch. When you get a six-pack, you get versatility. That’s one of the reasons I created the Fermentools lid system. I had a five-liter fermentation crock. When I made sauerkraut, I would try to make as much as I could per batch. If I made a little too much, some would have to be thrown away—tragically wasting my time and food. You only have to do this one time to realize it is against human nature to throw away good food, especially after you just spent time preparing it.


When you get a six-pack, you can make as much or as little as you want. For example, you can make three jars of sauerkraut and three jars of pickles. If you are using half-gallon jars, you can make three gallons of ferments at a time with this kit. This is almost three times the capacity of your standard crock, with the option of using jars just the right size for the amount of food you have on hand. Also, buying the 6-pack kit lowers the price per set, thus adding to its value

$ 72.90

6 Pack Kit







The 12-Pack Kit—The Kit You Want


The two things that come to mind with the 12-pack kit are versatility and value.


The simple fact is that making a small batch of sauerkraut takes almost the same effort as making a large batch of sauerkraut, so you may as well make a large batch. Plus, fermented foods taste better after they age, and a large batch offers the benefit that after the first jar or two, the flavor actually improves. A small batch is consumed before it reaches is potential.


Let’s say you have six jars of sauerkraut going and the peppers start coming in? You really want to put up some fermented pimentos. Having six more sets on hand would make that possible. Plus, you want to keep a lid on hand to make kefir. Maybe you then decide to make some hot sauce. No problem—you have the lids available to do just that. Having extra lids on hand just means that you are prepared for whatever life throws your way.


Or, let's say you're making a very small batch of fermented garlic, one of the half-pint sized jars. But you do not have enough garlic to fill up the entire jar. You don't want to leave the extra space because it may not “off gas” enough to displace the oxygen. No problem. You add extra weights from your 12-pack to displace the extra air, leaving less to be displaced by the fermenting process.


With the 12-pack kit you have the option of doing anything from a tiny, half-pint batch to a giant, six-gallon batch. Now THAT is versatility!


Only Fermentools offers this kind of flexibility in a compact design that will fit inside a kitchen drawer. I keep mine in the same drawer as my silverware. Plus, buying the 12-pack kit lowers the price per set, providing even greater value. I highly encourage you to buy the 12-pack kit if it is in your budget. It gives you the most versatility for the best price available.

$ 127.05

12 Pack Kit








I use gaskets made by the Tattler Reusable Canning Lid Company. Tattler gaskets last up to 10 years when used for canning. Since canning is far more strenuous than fermenting, requiring high heat and a vacuum, I fully expect the gaskets to last at least that long for fermenting before they need to be replaced.


$ 1.49








Stoppers--#2 w/hole and w/o

The #2 stopper was chosen for this design because it is easily purchased online or from your local home brewing store. I have used a natural rubber stopper for my product; however there is a similar silicone product. I continue to debate the qualities of each material. I like the idea of using natural rubber in a product that is close to my food; yet, it will degrade quicker than the silicone stopper.


$ 0.49

Stopper solid

Stopper with hole







Three-piece Airlock

The three-piece fermentation airlock is the only product not made in the USA; it is imported from Canada. There is a competing, single-piece, S-shaped airlock on the market. It will work just as well as the three-piece airlock, and will fit the #2 stopper. I chose the three-piece fermentation airlock because lid comes off and the float inside is easily removed for cleaning.


General Store








I provide pink Himalayan salt in my kits. Since it is powdered, it dissolves immediately in water, making it easier to work with in the fermenting process.


The label includes a conversion chart for making your own pint, quart or gallon of 2%, 3 ½ %, and 10% brine solutions—the most common solutions used in fermenting. If you are new to fermenting, I highly recommend you buy at least one bag of salt because the conversion table will help ensure you get started off on the right foot.


$ 7.99








Fermentools Lid

The Fermentools fermentation lidLid is the genesis of the entire product. Made of 304 stainless steel, also known as food grade or surgical steel, it will last a lifetime. Stainless steel is extremely corrosive resistant and very tough; it will withstand excessive abuse and still retain its shape. You will not accidentally bend these lids because the material is so much thicker and tougher than standard Mason jar lids. Just about the only way you're going to be able to abuse these lids is to pound on them with a hammer, or go at them with pliers in both hands.


Simply punching a hole in the center of the lid causes shavings from the stopper to fall in your ferment and shortens the life of the stopper. Instead, I extruded the center in a 10° angle. Ten degrees produces a locking taper, the same taper the #2 stopper has. The locking taper has been used in the machine trades and laboratory settings for over a century. The taper will wedge and create an excellent seal. In addition to the superior seal, you're also able to install and remove the stopper numerous times without causing it any wear. The 10° extrusion in the center of the lid also adds extra strength; you will not accidentally bend these lids.


The drawback to adding the 10° extrusion to the lids is the difficulty in the manufacturing. As mentioned, stainless steel is extremely tough and does not form easily. In order to create this taper, we punch a hole before starting the extrusion. With the extrusion started, the material will start to "work harden," and then needs to be annealed for softening—individually, not in batches. After annealing, the extrusion process is completed. The additional steps are costly. But since this is a once-in-a-lifetime expense, the additional cost is worth it. The end product gives you a rigid, durable lid that will last a lifetime.  I firmly believe that this fermentation lid is the best one you will find on the market today, and the only one made from stainless steel.  This what it takes to turn your standard mason jar into a fermentation jar, replace any fermentation crocks you may have on hand.


$ 7.49








Glass Weights

Fermentools is the only manufacturer that produces real glass fermentation weights specifically designed to fit the wide-mouth Mason jar, measuring 2 ¾ inches in diameter and 10mm thick.


Other companies do not have glass weights, or they have them in odd sizes. If your weight is too small, you have to use more than one to get the job done. People come up with some creative things to keep their food submerged, but nothing works as effectively as a heavy glass weight.


Not only are the glass weights needed to keep the ferment below the brine level, but they also can be used for displacement. For instance, if you make a small batch of something that does not fill up the jar, you can simply use extra fermentation weights to occupy the void left in the top of the jar. Since a small ferment will only off gas a small amount, this practice fills the extra space with glass, leaving only a small amount of oxygen remaining to be displaced by your ferment.


Fermentation Weights are the single most expensive component of the kit, but they are extremely convenient to have on hand.


$ 7.99

Glass single

Glass 4 Pack

Glass 6 Pack

Glass 12 Pack