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12 Pack

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For the most versatility and the best value, this is the one to get.
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    The 12-Pack Kit – For the Most Versatility and Best Value


    Whether you’re making a tiny half-pint batch or a giant six-gallon batch, the Fermentools 12-Pack Kit is the most versatile and cost-effective option available. The 12-Pack Kit has everything you need, including:

    · 12 Stainless Steel Lids — Made from food-trade steel, these corrosion-resistant lids will last a lifetime.

    · 12 Glass Weights— Made of soda lime glass, these weights fit inside your standard wide-mouthed Mason jar perfectly and will keep your veggies submerged under the brine, where they belong.

    · 12 Air Locks – Air locks release carbon dioxide while keeping oxygen out, preventing oxidization.

    · 12 Solid Rubber Stoppers - Solid stoppers can be used to remove the air lock and temporarily seal the container with the fermenting lid.

    · 12 Rubber Stoppers with Through Hole - These stoppers are used with air locks, and then installed on Mason jar lids.

    · 12 Gaskets – Made of durable silicone by the Tattler Canning Lids company, these gaskets will last for years.


    In addition to flexibility and value, the 12-Pack Kit’s compact design lets you store all the pieces in a kitchen drawer. Don’t get caught short - order the 12-Pack Kit and be prepared to ferment one large batch or multiple small batches, all at the same time!

    Don’t Get Caught Short with the Versatility and Value of the 12-Pack

    The simple fact is that making a small batch of sauerkraut takes almost the same effort as making a large batch, so you may as well make a large batch. Plus, fermented food tastes better after it ages, and a large batch offers the benefit that after the first jar or two, the flavor actually improves. A small batch will probably be consumed before it reaches its full potential.

    Let’s say you have six jars of sauerkraut going and the peppers start coming in. You really want to put up some fermented pimentos. Having six more sets on hand would make that possible. Maybe you then decide to make some hot sauce. No problem—you have the sets available to do just that. Having extra lids on hand just means that you are prepared for whatever life throws your way.

    Or, let's say you're making a very small batch of fermented garlic, but you do not have enough garlic to fill up the entire jar. You don't want to leave the extra space because it may not “off gas” enough to displace the oxygen. No problem! You add extra weights from your 12-pack to displace the extra air, leaving less to be displaced by the fermenting process.

    With the 12-pack kit you have the option of doing anything from a tiny, half-pint batch to a giant, six-gallon batch. Now that’s versatility!



    For the most versatility and the best value, this is the one to get. Kit includes 12 each of:


    · Stainless Steel Lids
    · Glass Weights
    · Air Locks
    · Solid Rubber Stoppers
    · Rubber Stoppers with Through Holes


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